From £14 per person

Who: Groups 3-8

Time: 60 mins +30 minutes fire pit time

Accessibility: Our most accessible trail.  Moderate uneven woodland ground, flat and all on one level.

It's 22nd July, 1902, exactly one month after a very fateful night at Cawthorne Mine.  Something highly valuable has been discovered, but believing it to be cursed many of the miners have refused to return.  Can you help unearth the truth behind Cawthorne Mine and uncover the mystery of the hidden treasures?

An actor led experience, after which groups are invited to spend time around an open fire toasting marshmallows and enjoying further games.

The Miner's Trail is an above ground experience and does not involve any confined spaces.

From £14 per person

Who: Groups 3-8

Time: 60 mins +30 minutes fire pit time

Accessibility: Uneven woodland ground with some climbing involved

Puzzlewoods is a whitewash, ladies and gentlemen.  A concealment, a deception, a cover up for the operations that really take place within these grounds.


Vital documents containing highly classified details of defectors have come to light and since gone astray.  Intelligence suggests that these documents have in fact made their way to this very base.


Your primary objective is to gather evidence from the site as to whom may be responsible for the hiding of these documents.


Our most physical trail yet with two possible endings.  Whose side are you on?

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3 Players        £20pp
4 Players        £19pp
5 Players        £17pp
6 Players        £17pp
7 Players        £15pp
8 Players        £14pp
Child (6-11years) £11pp
Under 6's      FREE

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